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Transform the Commonplace into a Conscious Space.™

What we surround ourselves with influences our thoughts, feelings and actions. And, because I am so passionate about encouraging people to be conscious thinkers and creators of their lives; I have designed these visual reminders to help you become more aware in the everyday spaces you live in. 
Become aware, awake & alert!

lisa meta griff


LISA META GRIFF is the Founder and Creative Director of Metamorfize, a New York City based boutique graphic design studio established in 2004. Her 10+ years of graphic design experience, partnered with her passion for personal transformation have created a product line intended to transform the commonplace into a conscious space™.

Becoming certified as a Breath work Practitioner in 2007, Lisa deepened her awareness of our ability to become conscious creators of our lives. Understanding that: what you surround yourself with influences your thoughts and actions; Lisa’s art merges function and form for the conscious mind.

Her passion for encouraging fellow seekers to become more aware, awake and alert is visible in the combination of her urban Zen style and her deep sensibility of self – perfect for awakening your space and your spirit.

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