Design Inspiration:

There was a distinct time where I really begun to hear my inner voice and thoughts, and make the connection that my thoughts are creating the things in my life. This led me to become the master of my mind! While working on the piece, I found this poem I wrote as a representation of transitions I was becoming aware of.


Mind Master

Inspirational Saying:
Transitions 2341
Master Mind. Mind Master.
Connections made through unknown times of self. Peeling layers off to reveal more layers, questioning who we are through who we meet. Reflections back – and forth – blurring the lines of which side is real. Staring into my own eyes looking back at me looking back into me – I finally get it only to forget it.

12″ x 8″

Canvas & Printing:
Printed with Epson pigment inks using Giclée inkjets to ensure a long life
UV protection provided by a clear lacquer
Sturdy eucalyptus frame
Cotton/poly blend Canson canvas for brighter whites and even stretching



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