Transform the commonplace into a conscious space™.
As a graphic designer, mind mastery coach, breathwork practitioner and all-around seeker of deeper, I’m excited to introduce this store site as a culmination of all my passions coming together.
My artistic expression, partnered with my passion for conscious thinking and personal transformation have created a product line intended to transform the commonplace into a conscious space™.

The Urban Zen style awakens your space and your spirit as visual reminders to help you become the creator of your life.
Life is created by design or default.
Hi I’m Lisa Meta, founder of Metamorfize, headquartered in NYC.
Since 2004, I have branded, designed, and coached entrepreneurs and companies worldwide into business, from conception to execution.
In 2007 I was certified as a Breathwork Practitioner. After experiencing a deep personal transformation working with the breath, I began helping people use the power of their breath to uncover and release the layers that keep them from living life fully.
Through my own journey to heal obsessive thinking and master my mind I created The Science of Change™, a process for people who feel stuck and want to break through negative thinking into positive action to reach their potential in money, relationships and health.
I am passionate about encouraging fellow seekers to become more aware, awake and alert in their lives. My art is the merger of function and form for the conscious mind - combining a deep sensibility of self with an urban zen style, perfect for awakening any space.
traveling! people, adventure, airports, wind
photography, street art, fonts & fabrics
conscious thinking, reframing, healthy living
salads, coffee, pad thai, fish tacos, avocado & bento boxes 
house music, 80’s remixes, dancing & laughing
crossword puzzles, wit, sarcasm, jigsaw puzzles, words matter
modern day MacGyver & mental strategist
maker of kick-ass salads
gallery goer, painter, graphic designer & art lover
animal lover, especially dogs
plays billiards, ping pong
etymology, fascinated with the art of communication
exploratory walking, bike riding, breathwork & meditation
nature, survivalist, hiking camping & fire
hablo español, visited 44 countries
white, hot pink, teal, mint, gray
lives life truthfully, loves love, loves hard
I am the creator of my life.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Be the creator of your life!