Transform the commonplace into a conscious space™.  


In 2007, Lisa Meta was certified as a Breathwork Practitioner. This deepened her understanding that you are the creator of your life and what you surround yourself with influences your thoughts and feelings. As a seeker of deeper, she is passionate about encouraging fellow seekers to become more aware, awake & alert in their lives. Her art is the merger of function and form for the conscious mind; she combines a deep sensibility of self with an urban zen style, perfect for awakening any space. 



Lisa Meta Griff I’m excited to introduce this store site with products that fully express me as an artist, a conscious thinker and a seeker of deeper. I have been running my own Boutique Graphic Design studio, Metamorfize since 2004 and in that time I traveled the world, explored, listened and was inspired. Also during this time, I became a certified Breathwork Practitioner helping people use the power of their breath to uncover and release the layers that keep them from living life fully. This website is the culmination of all my passions coming together where conscious thinking meets graphic design to create products as reminders. Reminders that we all have the power to create the life we want to live. My intention is to support you on that journey, thank you for stopping by.